Do the work

We tend to focus on the results way more than the boring, monotonous, unsexy work it takes to get them. We applaud, recognize, and reward outcomes, but rarely do we shine a light on consistency and process.

Most people don’t consider the years of training an athlete has put in for a race that will last only 10 seconds. Most people don’t consider the number of times a musician has practiced a three-second portion of a 10-minute piece of music. Most people don’t consider the countless failures an entrepreneur has faced before landing on something that works.

The main difference is not that some people are just smarter or more talented, it’s that only some people are willing to do the work and keep coming back despite the obstacles. They aren’t worried about failure. They don’t care how many times they come up short. They aren’t trying to prove something. They love the process, and the results are just a byproduct.

Everyone wants results, but not everyone wants to do the work. Do you?