Everything doesn’t have to be easy

We are taking more shortcuts in our lives than ever before. Most of us seek comfort and avoid anything difficult or painful. We look for ways to achieve more while doing less, and we mistake it for efficiency and productivity. We look for the path of least resistance because it’s known, it works, and it’s easy.

But anything worthwhile doesn’t come easy. In fact, it usually comes as a result of extreme challenge. If we think back on our most valued accomplishments, we’re more likely to remember the time and effort we put in, or the dedication and perseverance we showed, than the accomplishments themselves.

We are doing ourselves a disservice by taking the path of least resistance, and we should recognize that for what it really is: laziness. Instead, let’s seek out the more difficult path. Let’s challenge ourselves to grow and evolve. Let’s be the best version of ourselves we can possibly be so we can better serve humanity.