Face your fear

We all have fear. That’s normal. That’s how we’re wired. It’s a protection mechanism. There’s nothing inherently wrong with having fear, but how we handle it plays a big role in our life experience.

Many of the things we fear are not life threatening. They’re not harmful. They’re not actually bad for us. In fact, a lot of the things we fear are likely good for us. Fear is just a signal that we’re approaching a barrier.

So, what happens when you reach a barrier? Do you let it stop you? Do you move away from it? Do you try to move past it only if it seems easy? Or do you choose to be courageous and find a way through?

We all have fear. We can choose to run and hide from it, or we can choose to stand and face it. What might be the benefits of facing a fear you have? What are the costs of hiding from it?