Keep chasing your dreams

It’s not always going to be fun. And it’s not always going to be easy. In fact, most of it is going to be hard. You’re not always going to be at your best. And you’re not always going to be feeling 100%. At some point, you will either be sick or injured. And there will be days when you get knocked down. And days when getting back up seems impossible.

People are going to question you. They’re going to tell you that you’re crazy, or stupid, or both. They’re going to tell you that you can’t make it, that you should stop. And you’re going to question yourself, your decisions, and your reasons. You’re going to wonder if you really have what it takes. And you’re going to feel alone or isolated.

But chasing your dreams brings all those things. The things that let you know you’re on to something great. The things that let you know you have the courage to pursue your passion. That you are bold enough to dare to break away from the status quo. That just being satisfied with what others think is reasonable isn’t acceptable in your mind.

Greatness isn’t comfortable. Average is comfortable. So when the sickness, and the doubt, and the questioning, and the isolation start to feel like more than you can handle, remember that it’s the signal you’re on the right path. Greatness is in the pursuit of your dreams. Keep chasing them and don’t stop once you get there!