On greatness

Why do we tend to play small in life? Why do we choose to play it safe? Why, when we have the opportunity to take a chance, do we go with what we already know? Why, when the possibility of success involves taking a risk, do we shy away? Is it that we are afraid of just how great we can be?

We are meant for greatness. We are meant to do great things. But we are hardwired for comfort and safety. Trust and faith and risk and danger and doing anything that anyone might think is a bad idea or impossible or crazy might make us feel uncomfortable. It might make us feel like we don’t belong.

So instead we fit in. We trade greatness for the comfort of not being criticized for pursuing it. We do things to ensure we don’t have the time or the energy or the focus or the will to do what truly matters. We do everything in our power to never feel the sting of failure. But it’s never realizing our greatness that stings the most.