Pass the test

Some of us just want to ignore the test. We think if we don’t acknowledge it, that maybe it will just go away. (This is unlikely, and actually creates a more difficult test in the future.)

Some of us just want to get through the test and be done with it. We don’t care if we pass or fail, we just want to go back to “normal” life (whatever that means).

Some of us work hard, pass the test, and then move on. We do what needs to be done, take very little (or nothing at all) from the experience, and call it good.

But some of us try to learn from the test. We try to understand the true meaning behind it. We try to see how we are now better because of it. And we are thankful for the lesson we’ve learned.

Life is always testing us. And each test has a purpose. What are you learning from the tests in your life? Are you passing?