There is always a choice

Many of us spend so much of our lives focused on things we can’t control. We wish that our circumstances were different, or that someone or something might change that would make everything better. Yet, we do nothing about it. Or, we resign ourselves to the thought that there is nothing we can do. We go on hoping things will just magically improve, and that our pains and frustrations will somehow just go away.

But there is always something we can do. There is always a choice. No one else chooses what we do, what we think, or what we believe. No one else chooses who we are, how we live, or how we feel — we do! If we’re unhappy or frustrated, that’s on us, not anyone else. If we don’t like something, then we need to do something about it, not wait for it to resolve itself — because it won’t. What we need to do is take action.

Taking action means owning our circumstances and feelings. It means finding a solution. We can choose to do something or we can choose to do nothing. If we choose to do something, we put ourselves in the driver’s seat, and we begin to take control of ourselves and our lives. If we choose to do nothing, we become a passenger, and we allow our circumstances and feelings to dictate our lives to us. The choice is ours.