The emotions, feelings, and thoughts we hold inside are not hidden. They usually show themselves in other, not so positive and productive ways. Tension, stress, anxiety, fear, anger, etc. — these things are (more often than not) the result of our own inaction to communicate. We think it’s safer, smarter, easier to hold it all inside. (At least it seems that way in the present moment.)

But we need to let go. We need to let it out. We need to share what is truly showing up for us. How we feel about something. What we think about something. What we want. What we don’t want. Our intentions. Where our heart is at. Where we’re coming from. Our perspectives. And the reasons for those perspectives. (And, of course, doing so in a kind and respectful manner.)

When we don’t do this, we stifle connection. We squelch the ability to further understand each other. And we squander our opportunity to show others our humanity.

We don’t grow as humans because we get closer to this facade of perfection. We grow as humans because we take off our mask and show everyone exactly who we are.