Do less to do more

A lot of people talk about how they don’t have enough time. They are too busy. They have too much going on. They need more time in a day, etc. These people have chosen to be busy. They are trying to do it all. They are trying to make everything a priority, which is a losing strategy.

The reality is that we have plenty of time. We just need to be productive with it. The amount of time we have is predicated on our ability to prioritize what’s important. In other words, we must have the discipline to know what not to do so we can focus on what we need to do.

We all have the same amount of time in a day. How we choose to use it is up to us. How might you make the most of your time? How might you prioritize your day differently to be more productive? How might you do less so you can have the time to do more?